We all have a role to play, everyone can find their place and feed their desires, our jobs are evolving and if your future was to be drawn with us! Join SIFARIS!


SIFARIS, thanks to its position on the Cybersecurity market, gives you the assurance of exercising your passion for the benefit of innovative strategic projects. Our recruitment portal allows us to find and recruit our future IT talents. Beyond the job, beyond a function, it is also the human environment that SIFARIS offers that will seduce you.

A healthy and friendly working atmosphere, as well as a management that is accessible and open to everyone’s ideas will benefit your personal and professional development. Since the “philosophy” and spirit of SIFARIS are based on the involvement, initiative and quality of work of each individual, we will be able to recognise your talents by offering you a career development that meets your expectations.


Long-term relationships


SIFARIS expresses its desire to create a network of relationships and proximity with its candidates over the long term. Our exchange between the candidate and the company is therefore totally different. If a candidate is not recruited today, he or she may be tomorrow.

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Relationship with universities

Universities and companies can exchange knowledge and technology. This partnership increases the development of exchanges between universities and students. Indeed, the university plays an essential role in development and makes knowledge and sharing accessible.

The University/Company partnership is part of a dynamic that allows us to be as close as possible to the students through bridges from the company to the students and vice versa. This is reflected in collaborative projects such as HackDay with the ESIEESPACE student association at ESIEE Paris or the creation of a cybersecurity laboratory with the ESPRIT university in Tunis.


Playing a role with universities in this chain of innovation, value creation and research and development activities produces a generation of students with an innovative mindset.


Development of projects by the cybersecurity laboratory with our support, mobilising the laboratory's expertise and the know-how of academics.


Dynamics of exchanges between companies and universities in relation with the world of work allowing the increase of the employability of students.


Actor of economic and sociological development in the dissemination of knowledge.