Our vision of cyberspace

Every day, anywhere, anytime.

In an ever-changing digital world, there is no shortage of challenges, but with them come potential threats. Faced with this reality, it’s essential to have a global Cybersecurity strategy to protect your business.

At SIFARIS, we understand that the impact of a cyber attack can have far-reaching consequences, but we strongly believe that every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity. Cyber attacks, while worrying, can also be the driving force behind continuous improvement in your cyber protection. That’s why we put our Cybersecurity expertise at your disposal, and can help you turn these challenges into an opportunity to strengthen your business.

SIFARIS will work with you to implement your dynamic, secure cyber solution.

Being an expert means knowing your environment

In a few figures . .. ...

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of cyber attacks target VSEs
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of attacks are launched by phishing
trillion a year by 2025, the global cost of cybercrime

A coherent approach to cyber protection for businesses

As the threat increases, our solutions help companies to control their risks by intervening at all levels of the company.


Analyse thousands of data points by mapping your environment.

Cyber SOC

Staying one step ahead of cyber threats is your line of defence against cyber attacks.

Cyber security awareness

From awareness to action, raise the awareness of all your employees.

Our expertise

SIFARIS is one of the companies specialised in Cybersecurity since 2008. Our offer covers the whole sphere of consulting, IS management and information systems security. We make sure that cybersecurity is integrated with your company’s vision and strategy.

Our approach must be as agile as the threats that surround your organisation.

We also support our clients in thinking more holistically about how to integrate security into their business strategy.

Convinced that today, a company’s information system is a determining factor in productivity, SIFARIS presents an offer that allows a company to build its information system around its business

SIFARIS tests your company’s resilience, identifies your security weaknesses by testing your security systems by :

– Simulating an attack through penetration testing and social engineering.
– Security audit of your information system to identify vulnerabilities in your organisation’s systems, networks and cloud environments.

Measuring the performance of your monitoring processes and security teams through Red Team exercises.

SIFARIS helps you to control cyber risks by intervening to ensure and organise your company’s compliance while optimising your information management processes and putting in place a set of measures to comply with the various laws, regulations and sectoral or contractual requirements.

Detect security incidents quickly and prevent potential cyber-attacks before they occur, in order to protect all your data and reduce your exposure to cyber risks. SIFARIS assists you in setting up a threat detection and cyber incident response system to better anticipate the future.

Identifying the source of malicious activity as a result of an incident, a breach or as part of a dispute involving digital evidence. Whether it is to fight against digital fraud or unauthorised use of the information system, there are many causes and they can have serious consequences on the company’s activities. SIFARIS can help you recover digital evidence in accordance with legal procedures.

SIFARIS’ strategic intelligence unit aims to
anticipate risks by reducing your company’s digital footprint
company’s digital footprint to a cyber exposure by benefiting from a

Strategic intelligence (i.e. economic intelligence
intelligence applied for the benefit of all organisations, not just
organisations, not just businesses) must therefore enable anticipation to design and make
decisions that guarantee the company’s long-term survival, sustainable development
sustainable development and its image. It also contributes to
the execution of the cyber strategy. Finally, it must ensure the
protection of sensitive information.