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Determine which assets need to be protected, we assess the threat and your Cyber risks for you.


Sentinel is a non-intrusive service for the preventive detection of attempted attacks (fraudulent actions) and leaks of sensitive information (blunders).

Our principle is to position ourselves from the point of view of an external attacker to cover the following types of risk: image damage, data theft and leakage, identity theft, preparation for an attack, system compromise, uncontrolled exposure of the IS.

To do this, we analyse the controlled (websites, infrastructures, IP, domains), uncontrolled (Shadow IT / Deep web / Cloud) and unknown (Dark web) perimeters through numerous open/closed sources, in search of information concerning you. These “passive” and “active” controls allow us to ensure a broad spectrum of coverage (IP addresses, domains and sites, brands, names, VIPs, etc.).


– Publishing sensitive information on source code sharing sites;
– Creating a harmful domain (Typosquatting);
– Dissemination of confidential information on the Internet;
– Compromised e-mails of your employees (4.5 billion accounts in base);
– The uncontrolled publication of a website (marketing, com);
– The referencing of vulnerabilities by search engines;
– Publication of illicit/malicious mobile applications;
– Publication of stolen data by attackers;
– Blacklisting of your IP addresses.

Cyber SOC

Cyber security has become a major issue for all companies.


At each phase, cyber maliciousness risks exist and can compromise your systems. Sifaris SOC offers you a solution to protect you from different types of cyber attacks.


Knowing and anticipating emerging threats, being able to characterise them and anticipate their evolution.


Identify your exposure to risks, have a good vision of your interests and priorities. Prevent, train and raise awareness.


Protecting your critical assets through arbitration on the choice of technical solutions and the associated budget.


Monitor, detect and analyse security events.


Intervene in the event of a crisis and respond to the incident: understand it, contain it and remedy it.

Cyber security awareness

Training and awareness-raising of company employees or stakeholders are essential in the application of a security policy and an important meeting with users to convey your messages.

SIFARIS offers the entire company and its managers personalised training and awareness-raising adapted to the context of their business.

Example of the most frequent awareness-raising sessions:

– The company faced with Cyber issues and towards a global Cybersecurity culture, dangers, vulnerabilities, threats, risks, deviant uses, responses to be implemented, crisis management and communication;
– Phishing exercises that evolve over time with different possible scenarios.

A 12-month cybersecurity awareness programme enabling users to become autonomous in the face of phishing attacks, for example.

Key points for raising awareness of the cyber threat

Understanding it

understand its exposure to the threat

get ready

a cyber security awareness programme

over 12 months allowing the user to be autonomous against phishing attacks, for example.

Throughout the year, Sifaris sends out e-mails to :

– detect weaknesses;
– correcting behaviours (very educational 3-minute awareness sessions);
– Validate what has been learnt (sending role plays to confirm the assimilation of a particular characteristic);
– increase skills (sending targeted e-mails);
– develop reflexes.




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