The company

SIFARIS meets the cybersecurity needs of its clients through a global service offering.

The company

SIFARIS, expert in Cybersecurity, Forensics and IT infrastructure specialist, offers solutions to reinforce the security and application performance of your company’s information system. Its offer covers the entire sphere of consulting, IS management and information systems security.
Through its experience, its know-how has been extended to missions in :

– Cybersecurity;
– Governance;
– ISO27001 – SOC2 type 1&2 support;
– Security and organisational audits;
– Data-kidnapping;
– Consulting and diagnosis (architecture, IS);
– Strategic intelligence;
– Digital investigation (Forensics);
– Security in projects;
– Awareness raising.

SIFARIS also supports its clients in a more global reflection to integrate security into their business strategy.

The services we provide to our clients in the financial and industrial sectors include regulatory, financial and banking constraints. SIFARIS offers specialised services with high added value to facilitate the management, governance and performance of IT infrastructures.

Our mission is to develop a long-term partnership with our clients, while respecting ethical rules (separation of audit and project management or outsourcing activities).

At the heart of our corporate culture, our professionalism is our main competitive advantage.

In all our strategic development choices as well as in the day-to-day running of our business, professionalism combined with our entrepreneurial temperament guides us at all times.

We share our vision as a team in order to lead all our employees towards ambitious goals. Listening and dialogue enable us to be fully effective. Our wealth is to exchange in a human environment, marked by diversity and which stimulates our activity. This collective strength is what will help everyone to flourish.

Anticipating is part of our culture. Being constantly alert to the changes taking place around us allows us to stand out from our competitors and to offer innovative solutions. SIFARIS knows how to give everyone the opportunity and the necessary means to contribute new ideas, this is the basis of our company culture.

The integrity of SIFARIS’ offers is reflected every day in the transparency of its commitments. Trust is an essential value of the company, it inspires our development and conditions our results.

Our values

Since its inception, SIFARIS has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of the company. They guide the way we act and make decisions.

Growth and success are based on the support and continuous respect of the 4 axes that make up our values.Since its creation, SIFARIS has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of the company. They guide the way we act and make decisions. The growth and success of the company is based on the support and permanent respect of the 4 axes that constitute our values.

Our approach

Everything starts from an essential observation: Only protect what is valuable by focusing on the weakest link in the company. From now on, it is as much, if not more, the information than the system that must be protected.


Technical measures and regulatory frameworks have multiplied, but has security progressed as a result?

We think not. Because the individual and the organisation, the individual and collective know-how are too often absent from projects. It is therefore necessary to develop behaviour and practices in the face of constantly changing threats, by focusing on employees as much as on structures.


SIFARIS complies with environmental standards on RoHS production methods and does everything possible to contribute to reductions in energy consumption, particularly in the choice of data centres offered to its customers:

Use of the latest Emerson air-conditioning technology: inert gas with no impact on the environment; no recycled water.

The governance of SIFARIS is based on the values of transparency, responsibility and efficiency, which is reflected in the organisation by

– The very active involvement of the managers;
– The concern to allow each person to effectively exercise their responsibilities with the necessary objectivity and independence, notably through the quality of dialogue and the transparency of information.

For SIFARIS, Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) is a real competitive advantage on which we wish to position ourselves as a reference player.

The integration of Social and Environmental Responsibility into the development strategies of our various businesses creates value for the company and its partners.

– Responsible management, taking into account all risks in order to establish a relationship of trust with our partners and clients;
– Corporate governance that seeks to develop practices in line with the demands of society.

The responsibility of SIFARIS is exercised both internally, through dynamic management of its employees, and externally with the desire to control and minimise the direct impact of our activities on the environment in the broadest sense.

Employee management is based on a recruitment policy that is concerned with diversity, the development of skills and the employability of employees, bringing together professional development and personal fulfilment.

With regard to the implementation of its environmental policy, SIFARIS is inspired by the best environmental practices of its profession, with a view to optimising in particular the use of natural and energy resources, paper consumption and the use of recycled paper, the choice of electronic equipment and waste management.

SIFARIS is committed to supporting young people: awareness campaign, strengthened relations with schools, use of work-study programmes

It develops a motivating remuneration policy,

It listens to its employees,

Each employee is the subject of several individual interviews during and at the end of the year in a spirit of sharing experience and progress.

– Cultivating a lasting relationship with its clients;
– Because trust is measured and maintained on a daily basis and as close to the field as possible;
– To meet the needs of each individual in terms of both offer and quality;
– Strengthen customer security through more transparent and responsive information.

– Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
– Controlling water and energy consumption;
– Initiate recycling initiatives;
– Raising employee awareness.

Sifaris Research

Sifaris Research Tunisia’s mission is to strengthen the expertise of Sifaris by creating innovative tools in the field of Cyber security.

Sifaris has in Tunisia (Sifaris Research Tunisia laboratory) a multidisciplinary scientific pole of research in Cybersecurity and also in Forensics (Digital Investigation) based on three axes:

– A “general security” axis: general computer security tools for all industrial and commercial sectors (IoT smartphone, Big Data, AI);
– A “finance” axis: security tools specific to the financial industries;
– A “web” axis: security tools with a web focus.

The sectors represented are

– Public research;
– Private research;
– Producer and user companies.

Fields represented




Legal sciences